My Projects

In Development

Split Perspective

Split Perspective

Split Perspective is a personal project still in the works. It is developed using Unity and C#. SP is a 2D puzzle adventure game where you play as a reporter investigating an asylum. The game currently has fifteen levels implemented.

This Portfolio

Music Matcher Splash Screen

As you may be able to tell I made this Portfolio myself. Of course it always a work in progress as I add projects and develop better code for it. Currently it only uses HTML/CSS to display information, but I plan on incorporating some Javascript to enhance your experience as you browse this site.

Analog Games

Lawn Gnome Rage

Gnome Board

Lawn Gnome Rage is a modern strategy board game with a few Risk like mechanics. You are placed in a neighborhood where all you have in your home is a few lawn gnomes. You can make these gnomes into autonomous beings and send them off into the world to capture and steal from your neighbors lawns to build your lawn empire, but be wary some of your other neighbors will retaliate with their own lawn gnomes in a furious rage and try to take back what you've stolen. Embark on this adventure in groups of four to six players. The game features Strong Gnomes, Stealth Gnomes, Defense Gnomes and Valuables. This project was a group project of which I was the leader and creator of the idea.


Stag the backstabbing card game

Stag is a four player card game I made in the first semester of my third year at RIT. The game was a 4 person project over a five week period. The game is built to work best in a social environment. Players divide into two teams of two and each player receives one set of tokens. Players play war in a team scenario to win/lose tokens. The player that achieves one of each token is the winner, his current teammate achieves second place. The reason the teammate receives second place is because players can change teams throughout the game.


Target City

Target City Image

Target City is an OpenGL game I made in the first semester of my third year at RIT. It was four person project over a time span of five weeks. The goal of this project was to demonstrate lessons learned in class. Such us Bounding Boxes, Oriented/Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes, Gimbal Lock, Spacial Optmization (Octrees), and Collision Resolution.


Split Runner

Split Runner

Split Runner is a game made in Unity using C#. The game was developed for mobile devices and is an endless runner. The player can split their ball into two smaller balls to avoid certain obstacles. The player can also collect power ups such as shields and slow down. I worked on the obstacle and item generation for this game primarily.


Dr. Magneto

Word Magnet Font

In this app user's can select word sets to make poetry by moving the words on the screen like a magnet. This app was made in the second semester of my second year at RIT I worked on this project with a partner and we were able to get quite a few features into the app. Users can play with words from a few different word sets such as Geek, Ugly, and Masculine. The users can then change the size of the words and the fonts of the words. Once the user has made their poem they can change the background by either taking a photo using the camera on their device or by grabbing a photo from their library. Once everything is perfect the user can share their creation to facebook for the world, this also saves an image of the poetry to their phone.

Hop Till You Drop

Hop Till You Drop Title Screen

Hop Till You Drop is a game similar to that of doodle jump, mega jump, or uber jump. The player infinitely jumps up the screen until they fail to reach a platform and fall to their doom. The game has powerups built in so that players can use them to aid their jumping abilities. The game utilizes randomization for platforms and gives players and endless amount of fun with keeping track of high score. This game was made in a two person group in my first semester of my second year at RIT.


Boomshine (play me)

Boomshine Screen

Everyone has played Boomshine at one point in their life. This is simply my recreation of it as a homework assignment in a class. The game works as many other versions, my version ends after sixty cirlces and tells you your final score. I recreated Boomshine in my first semester of my third year at RIT.

Down The Rabbit Hole (play me)

Down The rabbit Hole Main Screen

Down The Rabbit Hole is another work in progress that I have prototyped along with a partner. The game has similar controls to that of Binding Of Isaac, but in this game you are stuck in one room with enemies coming at you in three directions. These enemies are creatures of the forest that have gone rabid and have come to seek you out. I started this project in the first semester of my third year at RIT and continue to work on it.


The Game Enthusiast (try me)

The Game Enthusiast Search of Batman Characters

The Game Enthusiast was a class project in the first semester of my third year at RIT where I had to use APIs to create a website. I created a website where you can search by game, character, company, concept, or franchise to learn more about games. This website uses the fancybox library and the Giant Bomb API. Using the Giant Bomb API users can search their databases to find any information they'd like about games filtered through my site. The fancybox library is simply meant to allow easier viewing of images. This site handles many cases of Giant Bomb not being able to deliver back information important to the search results.